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Sunbed Sales - 'Luxura V10'

New Sunbed Model 'Luxura - V10'


What the Luxura V10 represents for sunbeds, the Luxura V10 represents for vertical tanning cabins.


Unconditionally, you want the best for your business and customers. Your top salon is definitely positioned in the high-end market and customers are used to get only the very best. Superb quality, up-to-date knowledge and the latest trends… people will find it in your salon.


It goes without saying that, in addition to horizontal tanning, you also offer a ‘standing sun’. Of course, you want a device that does maximum justice to stand-up tanning. In the beautiful design of the V10, 50 tubes do their work with a stunning result. The V10 standing tanning unit is available in the colours Royal Red and Pearl White in the versions Passion, Romance and Cool. Listen for a moment with the enjoyment to the standing ovation for the V10.


Full installation and setup available.


Please contact us for full specification.

Price:               £11,900

Product Description


The extra category of vertical tanning - with top-quality equipment


What the Luxura X10 represents for sunbeds, the Luxura V10 represents for vertical tanning cabins: the extra category of tanning experience - a compelling ovation for every connoisseur and optimally geared towards every personal standard. The design: in a word, breathtaking. The equipment: luxurious. The exterior: incomparable. It just doesn’t get any better than this.



Optional Features



It's amazing what light can do! Whilst the DecoLight feature ensures attractive surroundings during the tanning session, even when the sunbed is on ‘stand-by' the superb design is complimented by the tasteful lighting accents.



HPS stands for High Power System and is the special mirror effect filter which makes the SLi+ or SLi face tanner even more effective. It guarantees the safest, most targeted tanning of the face with direct pigmentation. Plus: it gives the tanning device a fairly mirror effect.



Imagine the sun worshipper enjoying a nice relaxed tanning session in the V10, standing proudly upright. However, height differences mean that not everyone's face is at the same level. This sun shower therefore has a professional floor lift which ensures that the face is always at the same height as the face tanner.



Listening to great music during your tanning session is a luxury, which many people have now come to expect. Everyone has different tastes, so with your Luxura V10 you can simply plug in your own music.



For a completely natural cooling experience (as an optional addition to the innovative ventilation system), Qsens sprays a refreshing water mist onto the tanning body. The fine water mist gives exactly the subtle cool you want and creates true enjoyment during the tanning session.


This high-pressure tube with a single connection is V10's specially developed face tanner. SLi+ sparkles like a diamond and produces spectacular tanning results. It is a more comprehensive version of the SLi face tanners incorporated as standard in the Luxura V10.


A friendly voice to talk you through the menu options. The icons in the display are clear, but sometimes you just want a bit more information. SmartVoice explains the various features and acts as your tour guide during this mini-break in the sun. SmartVoice is only available in combination with SoundAround.


A three-dimensional sound experience due to four integrated tweeters and a subwoofer. With the SoundAround feature, the Luxura V10 offers professional music quality. The SoundAround package offers four music channels and can be extended with the My MP3 function on a fifth channel.


Sun worshippers expect a top-to-toe tan when they come for a session, and that's exactly what they get thanks to the XL Light feature of the Luxura V10. With the maximum tanning surface, there's no need to make concessions.


With Xsens, a fragrant scent is wafted though the tanning tunnel via the ventilation system. The choice of Citrus, Exotic and Ocean fragrances brings the sun worshipper an extra dimension during the tanning session. Xsens can easily be activated by the user or stopped via the central control panel.




£300 - of Free Accelerator Creams



All sunbeds purchased and installed by us, come complete with Accelerator Creams.

Including Sachets, Bottles, Stands, Posters, Goggles etc.


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