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Sunbed Sales - 'Luxura X5'

New Sunbed Model 'Luxura -X5'


Discreetly Impressive


Are you looking for a sunbed which shows that you have a good understanding of tanning and quality, but at the same time doesn't look so impressive that it might put your customers off?


The Luxura X5 gives your customers precisely the right sense of confidence.



Please contact us for full specification and details.

Price:               £7,250

Product Description


The new Luxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment. It already comes standard with a wide range of features, or just add some innovative and versatile extras if you’d like to make it your highlight.


You can select the options on the X5 to suit your precise requirements (and of course those of your customers!). For example, you could add extra comfort features (such as SoundAround Basic or Plus, Xsens, Climax and ContourPlus) to the nice list of standard features (such as the internal and external timer, two loudspeakers at the head end and a modern full colour display with smart touch control). The X5 has 34 tubes and is available with four tube variants in the colour Crystal White. No doubt about it - this sunbed is clearly an all-round talent which, thanks to the design and decorative lighting, will attract the right attention from sun worshippers!




SPS (not for 34 SPr)

Adjustable face tanners (0-1-2-3)

XL light in bench

Full colour display

Smart touch control

8 steps adjustable body cooler

8 steps adjustable face cooler

Dust filters

Smart cooling

EasyLift acrylic system bench

Front Panel Easy Move


Programmable internal timer

Connection for external timer

1 hour counter non-resetable

2 hour counters resetable




HPS (not for 34 SPr)

BPS (not for 34 SPr)

ContourPlus (standard feature for 34 SLi High


SoundAround Basic2

SoundAround Plus3

Luxury Front Panel with Brandshield and

Ambient FlowLight

Xsens I

Xsens III




Air extraction adapter (2 x 180mm - 300mm)

Air extraction cover



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